Soundcloud Legend Oshi Makes Return from 2-Year Hiatus with Good Society

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When a lineup as stacked as Oshi, LYNY, Sober Rob, and chromonicci. is announced… it’s a no-brainer. But you can’t expect anything less from LA-based event curators and record label, Good Society. Since nightlife got back on track, Good Society has been throwing sold out shows every month with lineups just as huge as this one. So it was a huge honor to have been invited to the August show!

If you were a Soundcloud crate digger back in the day, the name Oshi is sure to ring a bell. The legendary producer had been uploading straight heat for the last 6 years, but had been pretty quiet for the last 2, aside from a release here and there.

We caught up before the show to talk about his first show back and his plans for the future. With a warm demeanor and big smile, he confesses, “I’m so unbelievably nervous, but excited as well.” He jokingly adds, “What if I’m a bad DJ now?” Spoiler alert: He’s not.

Although prolific on socials, Oshi is an enigma to most. But the main thing I had to ask was out of all the LA promoters, why did he decide to work with Good Society? He gave some insight, “I actually went to their last show with lophiile and J. ROBB. I was like, ‘This feels like classic Soundcloud days.’ When everything was so underground and homie-based. So I said fuck it, why not?”

And if we’re talking classic Soundcloud days, we’re talking Oshi. But he admits we’ll definitely be seeing his sound expand in the near future.

“I’ve been laying low for the past 2 years, but I’m ready now to start releasing the stuff I have been working on. The more raw and emotional me singing my heart out about my pain. Before, I was nervous about putting out that stuff because it’s very vulnerable stuff. Letting people see that side of you is way scary, but I can’t let it just sit and collect dust, can I?”

Oshi was right about the energy at a Good Society show. Jam-packed with Soundcloud classics and homie-vibes, it was absolutely wild, but everyone took care of each other. My friend even lost his phone and someone returned it… That¬†rarely¬†happens.

Each set streamed seamlessly into the next, from MOCEANS’ high-impact debut DJ set, to a special guest set from capshun. chromonicci. brought his signature nicci bounce and Sober Rob kept the energy going until Oshi threw down. LYNY closed the night with his LA debut, going so hard that the speakers could barely keep up with him.

Fortunately for everyone in LA, Good Society will be hosting an event every month. Unfortunately for me, that’s all the way across the country. But wherever you are, be sure to follow them on Instagram for show announcements and see what the next legendary lineup will be! I can confirm it’s worth flying for.