Oshi Drops Soulful R&B-Influenced Tune “Stay”


Oshi has been killing it lately, dropping his trippy, future bass single “Heal You” and delivering a guest mix on Diplo & Friends within the past couple of months. He’s keeping the momentum strong with his new release, “Stay,” through which he intends to send positive vibes to any negativity being spread today. In the track’s description on SoundCloud, he addresses this with fans and also courageously discusses elements of his personal life.

with all the negativity goin on in the mf world yall need to realise that the only thing that perpetuates is the selfishness behind everyone wanting to be right, when in actuality if u all just shut up and listen to each other it might just help.. in other news i think i came out as bi officially today, so go make love to ur partner or partners ( no one is judging ) to this <3 ily all –Oshi 

Oshi’s ability to be in-tune with himself and the world around him fully comes to fruition in his music. “Stay” encapsulates this perfectly and leads us on an emotional journey. Groovy chords and soulful R&B vocals pave the way for powerful breakdowns. Oshi hits hard with heavy bass, punching percussion, and pulsating synths as the vocals continue. “Stay” artfully captures a dire yet positive atmosphere and a forward-thinking structure that sets it apart from other electronic tunes. We thank Oshi for sharing and can’t wait to see what else he has is in store. Enjoy!

Oshi – Stay