Oshi Samples M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” in Hard-Hitting New Trap Single “Swagga”


Oshi is back with another versitile surprise release that’s sure to blow you away. The eccentric London-based artist is known for his ability to take influences from different genres and seamlessly blend them together into impressively innovative records that range from soothing to highly experimental. 

His latest offering “swagga” is a bite-sized trap track that immediately hooks listeners with a sample of M.I.A.’s classic hit “Paper Planes” and a snare drum that hints at something big to come. That “something” comes in the form of an unexpected four-beat build-up that distorts the vocals into a hard-hitting synth instrument for the rest of the track. The beat only gets more experimental from there as signature Oshi 808s puncture the rhythm and MIA’s lyrics are complemented with another throwback sample from Ludacris’s 2010 hit “How Low” that rapidly ascends and descends the melody.

If 1:29 of Oshi wasn’t enough to satisfy you then check out his hourlong mix for Diplo & Friends, his R&B-influenced tune “Stay”, or his trippy single “Heal You”. Enjoy!

Oshi – Swagga