French-Canadian Producer Ourson Shares New Single “The Same Game” with MEGGO


Following an exciting year of releases, French-Canadian producer, Ourson, is looking to start a new chapter in 2023. Incorporating his new synth style and an array of unique textures, Ourson’s fresh sound begins with his single “The Same Game,” featuring lead singer of Fleece, MEGGO.

Lush synth swells introduce “The Same Game,” as a filter slowly opens to reveal their full magnificence. MEGGO offers a delicate vocal performance, repeating a simple, yet captivating hook throughout, and imparting her emotive sentiment to the rest of the track. The Canadian producer flexes a downtempo groove blended with house influence, making for a chill, laid-back listen.

Before the release of “The Same Game,” Ourson shared this special announcement:

Super excited to announce the release of my EP ‘Places We’ve Never Been’ this June on Rodmusic Records. This winter I’ve spent a lot of time working on new tracks and I’ve never been more proud of the music I’m producing today. It starts tomorrow with the release of ‘The Same Game’ featuring MEGGO.

You can stream “The Same Game” at the link below, out everywhere via Rodmusic Records. Enjoy!

Ourson – The Same Game (feat. MEGGO)