Montreal’s Ourson Releases Shimmering New Song “We Shall Not Return”


We had the pleasure of putting our readers on to Ourson earlier this year, as he was on a roll of releasing monthly singles. The Montreal-based melodic producer has a new song that came out last week, and it’s an absolute must-hear. “We Shall Not Return” is a vibrant downtempo track that begs to be played on loud for the full experience. 

“We Shall Not Return” has an elegant start, with a piano intro and a soft female vocal. As the tempo kicks in and the shimmering synths that Ourson is known for start, the song lifts off and takes on a new life. He construes a dazzling sound design, with an emotional yet bright and beaming melody and beautiful chords during the bridge. 

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Ourson – We Shall Not Return