Pachinko Releases Swaying R&B Jam “Who Knew”


This next track is piping hot, and we are stoked to put y’all onto it. “Who Knew” is a sizzling song by Australian-Vietnamese musician Pachinko. The singer-songwriter from Brisbane has been on fire since putting out his debut EP last year, and this latest offering is just as steamy. 

With the lush jazzy production and the way Pachinko’s charming croon fills your ears, this is a seriously sultry jam. He switches up between a dreamy falsetto and a suave rap verse, adding a bit of steeze and style as he tries to woo a woman through the love song. He has self-proclaimed his musical technique as “simpin’ but still pimpin’,” and we definitely think he nails it. 

You can stream the track below. Enjoy! 

Pachinko – Who Knew