Emerging Indie Group PACKS Put On Striking Performance For “Silvertongue”


We’ve got a perfect, hazy indie rock group to introduce you to today. PACKS is a Canadian quartet that began to blow up last year, and now they’ve signed with Fire Talk Records and announced their debut LP, take the cake. Yesterday they shared “Silvertongue”, a grungy and raw single off the 11-track record that is fully out  on May 21.

The meshing of singer Madeline Link’s foggy and fuzzy croons with the lo-fi guitar licks is one the many highlights of this tune. It has an intriguing combination of chaos and calm at the same time, with the tempo slowing and surging as her drowning vocals swim over it. This one is definitely an adventure to listen to and will keep you on your toes.

You can jam out to the track and watch the edgy music video below. Enjoy!

PACKS – Silvertongue