PANTōNE VU Embraces Creative Deliverance on ‘The Orange Series’ EP

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PANTōNE VU, lofi producer duo and instrumental virtuosos, are unlike any other downtempo artist in their scene. They not only create beautiful musical arrangements, but they attribute their sound to its relationship with color and art – chromesthesia. Their newest EP, The Orange Series (following The Blue Series), flawlessly contributes to their discography of chromesthetic experiences.

The seven song collection transports the listener to a new space of mind, where color and sound become one. The Orange Series particularly guides the listener through bright and airy waves of sound (similar to the feeling of the color orange… you see the theme here). Intro track, “Carrot Curl,” starts the EP off strong, delivering summer vibes and laid-back progressions. Continue your exploration of the EP to be greeted by splendid string arrangements and muted piano chords, perfectly in-pocket beats, and gorgeous verbed-out melodies. The final track “Pylon Orange” closes out the EP with warm, analog grace- a perfect ending to the journey.

The anonymous duo of PANTōNE VU explained their inspiration behind The Orange Series, commenting:

There’s a visual artist named Stephen Appleby-Barr who, in preparing to create new work, first constructs three-dimensional architectural maquettes which he then uses as the subject of his next painting. We found this process intriguing, and on the ‘Orange Series’ EP set about attempting to create an audio equivalent.

You can listen to The Orange Series at the link below, out everywhere via Nettwerk Records. Enjoy!

PANTōNE VU – The Orange Series