German Lofi Connoisseurs paris91 Share Dreamy New Single “Newborn”


Today we’re stoked to share another beautiful lofi nugget that we’ve dug up. It comes from the German duo paris91, comprised of Deniz Flo, who specialize in concocting lovely lofi numbers that incorporate sophisticated jazzy elements into the music. Their newest single is titled “Newborn.”

Appropriately titled, “Newborn” features a sample of a newborn baby babbling. And this isn’t purely a gimmick—one of the members was inspired by becoming a brand new parent. The piano melodies here are organic, played by Hamburg-based pianist Cedric Johanson. The track also features some calming brass and some tight percussion.

To top it off, paris91 also include field recordings of ambient and atmospheric sounds to give the track a unique feel.

You can stream “Newborn” by paris91 below. Enjoy!

paris91 – Newborn