Quickly-Rising R&B Artist Parisalexa Delivers Smooth, Passionate New Single “2 Real”

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One of the most exciting R&B artists on the west coast at the moment has to be Parisalexa. Having continued to evolve her unique sound over the years, mixing in soul, jazz and hip hop along the way – today the Seattle-based powerhouse has shared her new single “2 Real”.

“When I wrote this song I was fed up. I felt betrayed by people that I put my trust in (men, friends, collaborators) and I really took a moment to reevaluate my expectations of others. I reassessed a lot of relationships, and fortunately met new friends that reciprocated what I was putting out. They showed me that not everyone is fake, not everyone says they’re going to do something and doesn’t do it. So that’s where I am now; too genuine for the average friendship, too deep for a surface level relationship. And I’ve learned my true value. No matter what the vibe around me is, I’m perfectly fine with being too real.” – Parisalexa

Dropping today as part of her forthcoming debut album, this latest offering from the quickly-rising artist is exceedingly smooth. Featuring a groovy, guitar-center beat, Parisalexa flexes her powerful vocals, chronicling her journey through betrayal and self-discovery. We’ll definitely be keeping this on repeat for the foreseeable future. Check out “2 Real” below and enjoy!

Parisalexa – 2 Real