Party Favor Returns With A Sexy, Rump-Shaking House Single, “Whenever You’re Around”

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Few artists have the innovative color and diverse repertoire of Party Favor. His highly-technical production skills and conceptual song-shaping talents have made him a household name in dance music. Today, the LA-based producer returns with a low-bass sophisticated rump-shaker titled “Whenever You’re Around.”

As is so true with any new Party Favor tune, “Whenever You’re Around” sees the versatile producer head in a completely new direction. The track features some vocals from fellow LA R&B/pop vocalist and songwriter, Drew Love, that Party Favor has reworked into a sexy house build. The drop features an infectious low-end bass line and a super clean tech house drum kit that prove Party Favor’s production skills are at the top of his game.

Stream the single below and enjoy!

Party Favor – Whenever You’re Around