Party Pupils Transform Big Gigantic’s “Friends” Into Catchy House Hit

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Last summer, Big Gigantic released the vibrant feel good jam, “Friends,” featuring the one and only Ashe. Today, the Denver duo handed the reins over to the always impressive Party Pupils for official remix duties of last summer’s bop, and the Pupils delivered in spades.

Big G initially set this track to a dreamy walk with that luscious full band orchestration that no one does better, but Party Pupils gave this festival staple an injection of energy we never knew it needed. The TSIS faves utilize a powerful piano and sizzling guitar and bass line over a kinetic 4×4 kick to turn this track into an unbelievably fun house hit. As we get to the chorus, that famous sax line busts in calling all shufflers to the floor. The uptempo energy of this remix is simply infectious, causing a major case of head bob from beat one.

There are few things more gratifying than seeing some of your favorite artists work together, and this track is no different. Big G made a great decision calling on Party Pupils for remix duty and we definitely want to see this beautiful meeting of the minds happen again asap. But for now, grab your dancing shoes, this energetic stomper will keep you moving and grooving all week long. Stream Party Pupils’ remix of Big Gigantic’s “Friends” below. Enjoy!

Big Gigantic – Friends (Feat. Ashe) [Party Pupils Remix]