Austrian Artist Paul Ruben Releases Hazy Indie Jam “Forever”


Paul Ruben is a musician from Vienna, Austria who dabbles in both electronic and acoustic records. For his latest offering, which came out last week, he created a heartfelt song about growing through life with someone, and how growing pains can be eased if you have a partner. “Forever” is definitely the kind of jam to have on repeat during a relaxing day. 

The atmosphere that Ruben manifests here is a bittersweet one. This is a chilled-out indie track, with stripped-down production and hazy, faded vocals. It’s a comforting and feel-good tune, soothing you as he croons over and over again, “I will wait for you”. But there is a softness and delicacy to the melody, where his piano skills twinkle with vulnerable nostalgia. 

You can listen to the track and watch the music video below. Enjoy!

Paul Ruben – Forever