Multi-Faceted Artist Pauline Herr Offers Her Most Powerful Performance Yet on “Selfish”

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After making her start as a featured vocalist for some of your favorite DJs, Pauline Herr is coming into her own as an independent artist. Pauline sang, recorded, produced, and mixed her most recent release, an emotional tune called “Selfish,” out now via Seeking Blue Records.

“Selfish” starts out slow, allowing Herr’s fierce vocals to shine through. Dramatic piano chords build to the emotional drop in the chorus, full of syncopated percussion lines.

Herr is at her most vulnerable yet on this track, singing about craving someone unavailable. It offers an intimate glimpse into the mind of Herr, which is her exact goal in music. She explains:

All I really want is to connect with people by showing them my heart, while being as transparent & vulnerable as possible. As I grow an artist and human, I invite people to witness my growth through the continued release of my music.

If you like Pauline’s emotional lyrics and glitchy effects, keep an eye out for her next EP “Contradictions” coming out in July. Until then, you can check out “Selfish” using the link below. Enjoy!

Pauline Herr – Selfish