PREMIERE | Kyle Watson, Wongo, & Jeff Doubleu Combine On Celebratory Track “Gotta Get Away”

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The sensational bassy house label Box of Cats are celebrating their 100th release this week with “Gotta Get Away” and it’s a banger. The new release is a collaborative track from the label’s founders Wongo, Jeff Doubleu, and Kyle Watson under the alias Pavement Special.

“Gotta Get Away” encapsulates a boppy, dance vibe perfect for grooving to with (socially-distanced) friends. This new jam pulls the listener in with an initial long build from the low end to mid range, creating tension that ultimately leads to an epic drop and release of a low, rumbly, and forceful bassline. The beat moves throughout your body and is intensified by rolling lyrics and a consistent beat, creating the perfect deep house funk.

Box of Cats are known to release obscure offshoots of traditional house music, and “Gotta Get Away” is nothing short of that. The label’s bass-heavy, buzzy signature is alive and well in this new release, giving the song a fluid and consistent pulse.

Get your groove on to this new single below!

Box of Cats – Gotta Get Away