Watch Alison Wonderland Perform Powerful Acoustic Version Of Her Single “Peace”

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Alison Wonderland is taking new steps to bare her raw talent. As fans of hers may know, the multi-faceted artist also sings and plays cello in addition to DJing during her sets. Yesterday she took her music to a new level by performing a fully acoustic version of her most recent single, “Peace.” 

It’s pretty amazing to see the focus of the song shift almost entirely to Alison’s singing. The original has so many other elements to it that essentially make it a dance track, but this version strips all those away and replaces them with live instrumentation. Chet Porter handles the keyboard, and is accompanied by two guitarists and a cellist (zero percussion is used). 

The result is a very powerful performance from Alison Wonderland and friends. You can see and feel the emotion from her just by watching this video. Watching her grow as an artist after already establishing herself in the scene is truly inspiring. 

Watch the acoustic rendition of “Peace” below and enjoy!

Alison Wonderland – Peace (Acoustic)