Peach Tree Rascals Share Immaculate, Uplifting Debut EP, ‘Camp Nowhere’

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This winter was tough. If the double dose of depression caused by lockdown and cold bitter weather had you begging for some sort of relief, I promise you weren’t alone. But the darkest nights bring the brightest days, and today just got a million shades brighter. Ladies and gentlemen, Peach Tree Rascals present, Camp Nowhere.

We’ve come to expect nothing but top shelf vibes from this fabulous five-piece, and they blow our expectations out of the water every time. Each new song they drop is different than the last, it’s one of the things that keeps us coming back for more, and this Debut EP is no different. Each song on this eight track project is uniquely its own, from the upbeat gospel-dipped “Change My Mind” and the sunny indie-pop jam “LEAVE ME,” to the melancholic R&B reflection, “Doing Fine” and the gentle acoustic ballad, “Pockets.”

If there’s one album or EP you listen to this weekend, I suggest you make it this one. Peach Tree uses their knack for warm, charismatic composition to bare their souls, letting each and every one of us know that we are not alone in our insecurities and our shortcomings. Stream Peach Tree Rascals Debut EP, Camp Nowhere, below. Enjoy!

Peach Tree Rascals – Camp Nowhere