Peach Tree Rascals Drop A Heartfelt Genre Blender With “I’m Sorry”


Peach Tree Rascals have cemented themselves as an all-star indie-pop group whose music just hits the ear so right. Today, the five piece package deal is rounding out the the summer with a cathartic genre blender of a tune titled “I’m Sorry.”

This new tune features some candid self reflection looking back at where the group has come from to where they are now. Quaint acoustic guitars jump into punky electric power chords, and seemingly simple bass guitar and organ lines lay a strong wholesome framework for the groups disarming vocals. This rise and release of tension in both composition and lyrics really speaks to the groups unparalleled ability to create relatable music that almost all of us and find some sort of solace  in.

I don’t know about you, but I think I just found my new weekend belter. Actually, I’ll probably have this one on all month. Stream Peach Tree Rascals newest single, “I’m Sorry,” below. Enjoy!

Peach Tree Rascals – “I’m Sorry”