INTERVIEW | Peach Tree Rascals Verge On Stardom With New Single “Things Won’t Go My Way”

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Peach Tree Rascals are on the cusp of something truly amazing. Having launched their group with little more than a few strong tracks and a name, we had the pleasure of talking with the quintet about their creative dynamic and rise to prominence all centered around their incredible new single “Things Won’t Go My Way“.

Although we’ve only been privy to Peach Tree Rascals since last “Summa“, they’ve easily solidified themselves as one of the most impressive new acts in the biz. With a sound ranging from buoyant indie rock to brooding R&B/hip-hop and everything in between, the young crew has set their sights on nothing short of stardom – a dream they seem fully equipped to achieve.

Similar to their last few releases, PTR has combined their unique musical abilities to create a completely unique, yet comfortably familiar sonic experience. Featuring a masterful mix of funky, warbling guitar, crips, pumping drums and immaculate layered vocals, we’ll definitely be groovin’ to this one for the foreseeable future.

Stream “Things Won’t Go My Way” and check out full bios on the members of Peach Tree Rascals + our interview with them below. Enjoy!

Peach Tree Rascals – Things Won’t Go My Way

Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Meme King
The voice of reason who makes the final call for all things music.

PTR - Dom CropBest song ever: Stevie Wonder – “My Cherie Amor”
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Platypus
Star sign: Cancer
Celebrity crush: Jorja Smith

Singer / Songwriter / Rapper
Voice for the group in most cases, most business savvy & most silly.

PTR - Issac Crop

Best song ever: Kanye West – “Only One”
Favorite color: Red-ish
Favorite animal: Orca Whales/Grizzly Bears
Star sign: Leo
Celebrity crush: I plead the fifth

Creative Director / Photographer
Responsible for tying all things visuals into the PTR brand.

PTR - Jorge CropBest song ever: Frank Ocean – “Pink + White”
Favorite color:
Favorite animal: Ferret
Star sign: Cancer
Celebrity crush: Frank Ocean

Singer / Songwriter
The most quiet of the group and introspective.

PTR - Joe CropBest song ever: Alabama Shakes – “Sound & Color”
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animal: Elephants or Red Panda
Star sign: Gemeni
Celebrity crush: No because I have a wife

Singer / Songwriter
The most talkative and outgoing. Big family man.

PTR - Tarrek CropBest song ever: Really gonna make me answer this?
Favorite color:
Favorite animal: Chicken
Star sign: Aries
Celebrity crush: Clairo

How do projects usually start off? Do each of you work on track ideas and bring them to the table or are your releases mostly born in sessions when you’re all together?

DOM: Usually, Joe and I come into the session with a chord progression and some melody ideas. As I produce the beat, Tarrek and Issac tend to get the most inspiration and write their verses/choruses to it. It’s a very collaborative process overall.

ISSAC: Songs are usually born in sessions when we’re all together. Occasionally, Joseph will send a voice memo with an acoustic idea that he brings into the studio. Prior to moving in with each other, most ideas would start with just two or three of us but for the last 6 or so months we’ve all been present. 

JORGE: It’s a mixed bag of both. Joe sometimes comes in with his own pre-made beat or lyric idea that we build off that eventually becomes something amazing. “Mariposa” happened like this. Otherwise, Dom will create a beat and Joe, Issac, and Tarrek will write over it. Overall, it’s a group effort across the board. 

JOSEPH: The ideas usually start off with me or Dom. Usually, Dom comes up with an idea on his own or we’re all with him building it up. When there are ideas that come from myself, I usually like to build it up on my own at first and when I feel confident, I bring it to Dom to take it to another level. There’s a lot of artists out there that could come up with great ideas really quickly, for me it’s a battle and I always strive to create something I’m proud of. 

TARREK:  Songs start off either with Dom’s chords on the piano or with Joe on the guitar.  Usually, I either write my verses on my own time alone in my car, or with the group in the studio on the spot.

As a group, how do you work through creative differences?

DOM:  We usually just go with what the majority of the group thinks is best. There’s no ego. We all value each other and at the end of the day, just want the best idea, even if it’s not our own individual idea.

ISSAC: We share a common goal and we each can recognize a good song or good idea even if it doesn’t fit our personal taste pallet. Anytime someone feels passionately about a certain song, sound, or artist – it’s relatively easy for me to view it from their perspective and then end up finding a way to enjoy that. It doesn’t hurt that we all share a liking for a lot of the same music.

JORGE: At the end of the day, we just want to create and release the best art possible to the world. I think we all know we bring something special to the table and that helps us push forward when we are stuck on something.

JOSEPH:  I’d say none of us have an ego, so it’s actually easy working through creative differences. We were all brothers before this collective came about, and we know the importance of hearing out each other’s ideas and opinions. At the end of the day, we all come to an agreement on what feels and sounds the best. There’s never any hard feelings because we love each other. 

TARREK: It depends on how much one of us believes in an idea. Sometimes our differences are resolved quickly with no complications, while other times there can be a back and forth. Being close friends helps with this because we don’t hold back if we like or dislike something. In the end, we all share the goal of making the best content we can make.

What do you hope your listeners feel and take away when they listen to your music?

DOM: We want listeners to feel happiness and be inspired by our music. That’s it. 

ISSAC: I think our personalities are shown through our music and art. We honestly don’t socialize much and our inner circle is limited to close friends and family. so I think that our music is the best way to get to know us. Hopefully our listeners relate and interpret our music to fit their own storylines in their own life. 

JORGE: We hope that people can feel all the love that was put into it, and that that love and care transfers to them so they can feel a little better after listening to us. We want people to step back and forget about their problems for those few minutes of our music that they listen to. 

JOSEPH: For me personally, I just want people to feel human and to know that everyone goes through similar situations no matter what background you come from. I want them to know that life isn’t always pretty but at the end of the day you have to come out on the other side to see the light. 

TARREK: I like it when listeners take what they want from our music. Naturally, they will connect with songs and lyrics that resonate with them and that’s all that matters to me. Everyone has their own story and I think that finding what helps you get through in our lyrics is important.  I’ve battled depression for years and my music is what helps me through it. I hope it can help at least one more person. 

What’s the vision / goal for Peach Tree Rascals as a music project and how has it changed from when you started to now?

DOM: I want us to be as big as we possibly can be. There’s no cap on what we can do. 

ISSAC: Nothing has changed in regards to my vision since we started. A few milestones have been reached and that we are super thankful for, but we still have plenty of work to do before we reach what I think we can achieve as a group. We’ve barely scratched the surface and as we are presented with more opportunities, my vision is constantly expanding. As of now, I see no ceiling. 

JORGE: It’s been worldwide domination since the start: festivals, shows, toys, acting, a franchise, etc. We want to be everywhere and as big as possible. 

JOSEPH: Personally, I always had a goal of reaching as many people as possible with our music. I want people from other cultures or backgrounds to digest the music we’ve created. I’d say the only difference between back then & now is that we’ve gained even more confidence in reaching our goals as a collective. 

TARREK: The goal has always been to make the best music we can make and take PTR to the highest level possible in terms of sound, as well as success.

Can you point to any influences or individual experiences growing up (musical or not) that have directly helped shape your current sound?

DOM: I think we all characterize different musicians as “the greats” – some of my favorites are Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, Anderson Paak, Frank Ocean, etc.

ISSAC: My life experiences often materialize through my writing. The experiences of the people close to me are also responsible for my line of thought and the stories I tell. Sonically, I’m grateful my taste has always been malleable and not limited to the same stuff I liked when I was 10 years old. Music is constantly evolving and great artists are as well.

JORGE: Growing up as a first generation son of immigrant parents, all my life I’ve been pushed to be successful. Having that imprinted into me since birth really made me who I am. I try to not only be successful for myself, but also my family. I want to give back to them. I want to make my father’s 3-day walk across the desert over here worth it – so far, I think I’m doing an okay job! 

JOSEPH: I’d say the biggest influence would be my Pops. Growing up, he would always play music from his generation that I still listen to today. I’m glad I got the opportunity to digest the music he was listening to because I go back to those songs and gain ideas that today’s music doesn’t provide. I love learning from the greatest artists to ever do it. 

TARREK: Influences directly related to music growing include my parents always playing Arabic music which is melody driven, as well as watching a lot of Disney and American Idol. Disney and Idol really played a big role in inspiring me to sing. Influences unrelated to music probably include not being accepted by friends and/or being rejected by girls at a young age. Sports also influenced my music cause it gave me a competitive attitude, making me want to be the best I can be and make the best music I can make. 

What would your younger selves (13-year-old you) think of what you’re doing now?

DOM: I probably wouldn’t believe it…. creating music for a career never entered my mind until the age of 19.

ISSAC: My 13-year-old self would be extremely proud of what we’re beginning to achieve. I started recording my own songs around age 12, and when I was 13 I printed my first mixtape. I’m sure that little kid is in a different dimension smiling like an idiot. Sometimes, I miss the irrational confidence that came with being a middle schooler making music.

JORGE: He’d be so proud. He’d think I’m the coolest person ever. 

JOSEPH: I think my younger self would be proud. At a time where I was lost and didn’t know where to go with my life… yeah, I’d say yeah he’d be happy and proud. 

TARREK:  He would be amazed that I’m living his dream.

What’s been the proudest moment in your careers so far?

DOM: Creating music with great friends is what I am most proud of. Also, giving back to my family.

ISSAC: I gave my mom some money for Christmas. Being able to do that for her means more than anything. She is the biggest inspiration for continuing to work on my craft even when my headspace gets a little shaky. 

JORGE:  Giving my parents $1,000 for fun for the holidays after signing my first record deal.

JOSEPH: I’d say the proudest moment of my career so far was when I knew my mom was comfortable knowing that I’d be financially stable with a music career.

TARREK: Honestly, the continuous journey with the people I love. Just the fact that we all came together from different backgrounds and influences and put everything in our lives aside to focus on making something special is my proudest moment.