Peach Tree Rascals Get Reflective In Somber R&B Track “not ok”


Our favorite 5-piece, Peach Tree Rascals, are back with their second new release of 2020, an angsty downtempo hip-hop/R&B track titled “not ok” that’ll speak straight to your soul.

This latest offering from the San Jose five took a step in a more emotionally introspective direction, with the chorus circling the line, “I’m so done. I don’t wanna wake up. I don’t feel alright, ’cause I don’t feel much.” Musically, the group builds a wistful energy from square one with a solo acoustic guitar thoughtfully leading things off. Next, strong bass hits, a kinetic drum kit, and faint synth chords lay down a solemn vibe for the group’s always silky vocals to take us through a familiar feeling of hopelessness that we’ve all felt at some point or another.

This easy brooding track comes as a follow up to the quintet’s upbeat March hit, “Things Won’t Go My Way,” showing us The Rascals are only furthering the development of their diverse music writing skills. Listening to tracks like this that speak to us about a raw and oftentimes concealed mental and emotional state can be so cathartic and we appreciate the California crew for taking us through it.  Stream Peach Tree Rascals newest track, “not ok,” below. Enjoy!

Peach Tree Rascal – “not ok”