Peach Tree Rascals Unveil First Track Of 2021, The Soothing & Psychedelic “OOZ”

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We love ourselves some Peach Tree Rascals here at TSIS. They’re back with their first new music of 2021, a punky new track titled, “OOZ.”

These guys always have something new up their sleeves. You never know if you’re getting a chilled out feeler, a sunny, uptempo hip-hop track, or something totally different, but we’re always excited to hear whatever it is. This latest single taps into the steady strum of their acoustic guitar as chordal guidance over their drum kit engine. The team builds the tune with their various vocal styles, seamlessly trading off verses. The track comes to a head in a multilayered, psychedelic outro, as spacey strings, plucked guitars, and a groovy bassline all converge. The video is quite the trip as well, taking us on a hallucinatory and hypnotizing cosmic journey.

Jeez I love this group. Their music is always fresh, always different, and most importantly, always pleasing to the ear. I need concerts to be a thing again so I can see these guys live. Stream Peach Tree Rascals newest track, “OOZ,” below. Enjoy!

Peach Tree Rascals – OOZ