PEEKABOO Unloads Heavy New Dubstep ID “Bumpy Road”

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Standout dubstep producer and Detroit native PEEKABOO has most certainly made an imprint as one of the hottest rising acts in the game. With his unique blend of bass and dubstep influences, the producer creates a unique electronic experience through each of his new IDs. His latest track, “Bumpy Road,” will take you on a hypnotic journey you won’t forget.

“Bumpy Road” features all of the hard hitting drops we would expect from PEEKABOO, and then some. Beginning with ambient, suspenseful chimes, the track leans into its first drop, enveloping the listener in a captivating 808 beat and trance-influenced melodies. Triggered by a bass drop, “Bumpy Road” ascends into a massive buildup that absolutely takes off with its dynamic percussion and melodic finesse. The track closes out with a hip-hop leaning last drop to bring it all home.

Here’s what PEEKABOO had to say about the making of “Bumpy Road”:

This was one of the most fun songs I’ve worked on. It has this strange rhythm and melody that you can sing back to, which is somewhat hypnotic and has those classic hip hop drums to back it up. I wanted this track to stand out a little bit more from my usual stuff as I can’t really compare it to anything else that I’ve done.

You can stream “Bumpy Road” via the link below, out everywhere via NIGHTMODE. Enjoy!

PEEKABOO – Bumpy Road