PEEKABOO Unloads 4 Heavy New Bass Tracks On ‘Secrecy’ EP

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Matthew Lucas, aka PEEKABOO, surely delivers some of the most colossal tracks in the bass world. With a discography of songs that have gained support from legends like Skrillex, Rezz, and Zeds Dead, he has clearly cracked the code as far as making heaters goes. His latest collection of tracks finds its home with Deadbeats, on PEEKABOO’s new Secrecy EP.

Intro track, “Evil Lair,” sets the tone not only with its dark, moody name, but with its grinding, punchy synths. The overall theme of the Secrecy EP continues in haunting style with the title track. “Secrecy” combines a half-time trap groove with wobbly leads, showing off PEEKABOO’s knack for impactful production.

The EP closes out with two collaborations- “Deviant” with G-Rex, and “Sacrament” with Sully. Both incredibly powerful tunes, the latter stood out to us with its edgy beat and unexpected drops.

You can check out the entire Secrecy EP at the link below, out everywhere via Deadbeats. Enjoy!