Peggy Gou Delivers Amazing Eclectic House & Techno Mix For DJ-Kicks

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Peggy Gou is up to bat for one of the most prolific mix series around, DJ-Kicks. If you’ve never had the chance to catch one of her sets, you may not know that she is easily just as talented a DJ as she is a producer. 

About a month ago she dropped a teaser EP, giving us a taste of what to expect for this mix. Many of her own productions are deep and funky house jams, and she loves to slam techno during her live sets, so we were eager to hear what type of vibe she would bring on her DJ-Kicks appearance.

This mix shows us just how versatile Peggy can be. This is no ordinary house and techno mix. She starts out around the 90bpm range with some eccentric, wonky downtempo tracks, and eventually works her way up to a more familiar tempo. 

Any DJ or music fan in general can appreciate the savviness of Peggy Gou on this mix. The whole set has been released as a mix album on Spotify, so you can easily pick up these tracks if you’re digging them. 

Check it out below and enjoy!

Peggy Gou – DJ Kicks (DJ Mix)