Pendulum Return With First Release in 10 Years With ‘Nothing For Free’ EP


Australian drum and bass trio Pendulum have arrived back on the scene with a pair of heavy-hitting new songs, “Driver” and “Nothing for Free.” Fans are surely rejoicing to have the original members of Gareth McGrillen, El Hornet, and Rob Swire back in the studio for the first time in ten years.

The first track, “Driver,” is reminiscent of the Pendulum of old, a driving drum n bass track, laden with gritty synths and heavy rhythms. It’s a massive attack of sound, one that they’re sure to be excited to play out.

“Nothing for Free” is a little bit more mellow, as it features a vocal, but it hits just as hard with a booming sub bass and some heavy guitar riffs. It’s got some really clean production and sound design.

The group were set to headline some big festivals this summer, but hopefully fans will still be ready for some of their huge live shows when they get the chance to return to the main stage. Check out the EP below. Enjoy!

Pendulum – Nothing For Free EP