PREMIERE | Petticoat’s “Where Will I Go?” Is A Sugary Sonic Treat


Fusing bubbly textures, sugary-sweet melodies, and blaring sounds, Petticoat serves to simulate the duality between masculinity and femininity through sound. He’s been honing his hyperpop sound for a few years now and today he’s graced TSIS with his latest track “Where Will I Go?,” which we’re excited to premiere for you today.

The tune is a creamy blend of sugary-pop synths, arpeggios, and pattering percussion that harmonize the depths of sonic texture. Just imagine yourself in a virtual world drinking a tropical daiquiri by a glistening pool of glitter.

Stream Petticoat’s newest track exclusively below and check out the accompanying visualizer below. Enjoy!

Petticoat – Where Will I Go?