Pham Links Up With Singer Austin Paul For Impressive 5-Track ‘Ugly’ EP

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Pham switches things up with his latest project and it’s sounding great. For this new endeavor, he’s linked up with Miami-based singer Austin Paul for a collaborative 6-track Ugly EP

"We’d like to let the listener to see the complete process of us trying to get more and more comfortable with working together. If anyone would have a chance to listen to it, it should be definitely the whole thing.” – Pham 

This project is really cool in that the 5 tracks are placed in the order they were written so you can really hear the two artist’s chemistry progress as they worked together over the short time this EP was created. The versatile project captures a variety of different sounds maintaining a mostly chill, yet experimental vibe throughout leading up the the finale of the title track. Enjoy! 

Pham & Austin Paul – Ugly