Pharrell Talks about Working with Daft Punk on their new album in The Collaborators Documentary


Another day passes, and another new Daft Punk video arrives in support of their upcoming album Random Access Memories. Today we get the 4th episode of The Collaborators series this time interviewing Pharrell. He touches on been overly excited to work with the group and finally having time while in Paris. He touches on creating "Get Lucky" when both of the were in that Nile Rodgers state of mind. He then goes on saying how the song makes him feel like he is on an endless 4am island party. A heavy hitting line, undercutting a majority of music getting produced these days is "You don't need MDMA for this music" – Pharrell. The song is insanely incredible, and an instant hit. And he is said to have worked with the Robots on some other tracks on the album. Enjoy!

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