Player Dave Rides A Peaceful Wave On Euphoric Debut Album, ‘Where The Wind Blew Me’

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We’ve only recently been turned on to the talent that is Player Dave, but after today, there’s no way we’ll ever forget him. The San Diego-based artist has steadily worked to hone his craft into an impressively gripping sound that is as unique as it is diverse, and now he lets his craft speak for itself with the release of his sophomore album, Where The Wind Blew Me.

This new project leads off with an enticing, light energy, beckoning to us with buoyant synths that permeate the air like a mist suspended over a deep, lush landscape of bass and percussive glints. We plunge into that dense landscape as the album continues, now introduced to the wealth and variety of Player Dave’s production sensibilities that freely drift and flit about. What first seems like charming and carefree ambience gradually reveals a meditative zen in delicate balance with a stoic drive and focus. Dave gives us some insight into the making of this transcendent work saying:

“After going through a huge transformation in my life, I found it almost impossible to express these experiences into a 4 minute song, so I decided to make 11. The use of atmospheric tones, as well as field recordings from across the globe, mixed with hip hop inspired drums and percussion, I wanted this album to feel like not only a journey, but a destination. This album is my musical expression of what my life was like, what happened, and where I’m at now.”

This album is one of the most immersive projects I’ve heard all year. The production of each individual track is praiseworthy, but the sum of their sounds creates an incredible listening experience that will greatly reward anyone who listens from start to finish. Stream Player Dave’s breathtaking sophomore album, Where The Wind Blew Me, below. Enjoy!

Player Dave – Where The Wind Blew Me