pluko Soars To New Heights In Sophomore Album, ‘COLOR BLIND’

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pluko is an artist we’ve had our eyes on for years now and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch him grow. The young producer has accomplished so much so quickly, evolving from the Soundcloud days to touring with ODESZA, to releasing his debut album. Today he augments his catalogue even further by releasing his highly anticipated sophomore album, COLOR BLIND.

COLOR BLIND is a 13 track LP that showcases the sound pluko has grown into. There is a presence of immaculate observation down to even the tiniest details. In all elements and in every second of every track you can tell that pluko spent hundreds if not thousands of hours perfecting every moment of sound. Throughout the project pluko utilizes gritty distorted basses, knocking drums and explores vibes from all corners. COLOR BLIND also features features collaborations with some our favorites here at TSIS including ilo ilo, Panama, and Cassette Tapes.

In addition to releasing a full length album, pluko has gone above and beyond to create an accompanying film, spanning the length of the entire project. The video features mesmerizing landscapes, bright colors and distorted visuals, all compacted into one congruent audio-visual project.

You can listen to the full album and watch its accompanying film now, below. Enjoy!