Plumpy Reunites with Daisy Maize on Bass-Pop Crossover Track “Swoon”


Plumpy encapsulates the value of a versatile producer. Signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, he can do it all—and with his latest release with daisy maize, he’s merging bass music with pop.

Plumpy makes a great point with this track. Even though to us it may seem like one of the most popular forms of electronic music, bass music seems to be pigeonholed to a very specific fanbase. With “Swoon,” Plumpy and daisy maize attempt to bring that sound across the bridge with a more accessible. The result is a track that feels light as a feather, but also can get your body rocking.

This is the second release that both Plumpy and daisy maize have dropped this year, following up “Freedom” on Jadū Dala.

You can check out the new Plumpy and daisy maize track, “Swoon,” below. Enjoy!

Plumpy – Swoon (feat. daisy maize)