Pocket Elephant Unveils Euphoric Future Bass Track, “dr. 3A.M.”


It can be hard for a new artist to blaze their own trail. But when you have an ear for production and sound design like our newest addition, Pocket Elephant, that path gets a bit clearer. We may not know much about this up-and-comer, but we do know that his new track, “dr. 3A.M.” is one wavy vibe.

“dr. 3A.M.” walks us down a gently stimulating tunnel through a dream inducing intro. We arrive to the leaping point of the drop, and with Doctor’s orders, we fall into an invigorating nest of seizing sound waves that placidly enliven the senses. Contrasting bass hits and a sustained top end provide a grounded yet awakening sensation that is pleasantly unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed.

For now, details on Pocket Elephant elude us, But one thing is for sure, he can surely construct a proper drop. We hope to hear more from this new artist, and in the meantime we’ll give a proper rinse to “dr. 3A.M.” Stream below and enjoy!

Pocket Elephant – dr. 3A.M.