Point Point Drop Captivating Future Bass Single “Hands” feat. Denai Moore

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Parisian trio Point Point is certainly no stranger to TSIS. Making their first appearance back in 2014 with an unusually alluring original “Life in Grey,” the group has been featured on our site a significant amount of times ever since. With completely reimagined versions of tracks like Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” to a multi-genre Family Portrait EP, the three have consistently pushed the boundaries. 

This past week Point Point dropped yet another powerful track, “Hands” feat Denai Moore. The song features impeccable production that is as clean as it is captivating. A unique synth pattern grips you from the start, and Moore’s smooth, soulful lyrics take you on a ride throughout the entire track. A distorted vocal lead plus airy synths create the drop, adding an entirely new dimension. 

Point Point also uploaded a powerful music video for “Hands”, which follows a young man who is forced to leave his girlfriend after being drafted into the army. The juxtaposition of heartfelt memories with his lover to intense war scenes adds a moving new dimension to an already strong piece of work. Listen to “Hands” below and enjoy!

Point Point – Hands (Ft. Denai Moore)