Polo & Pan Broaden Their Horizons On Cinematic Track “Carrossel Do Tempo”


Eclectic Parisian duo Polo & Pan are purveyors of the peculiar. Their kaleidoscopic, avant-garde take on dance music has touched audiences across the globe, always keeping us guessing what they’ll do next. Today, they’re releasing a brand-new track titled “Carrossel Do Tempo,” featuring the enigmatic Brazilian vocalist Abrāo.

Translating to “Carousel Of Time,” the track feels like a cross between a Western movie score and a tropical romance ballad. Orchestral string and horn arrangements meet Polo & Pan’s instantly recognizable electronic production for a completely new sound altogether. “Carrossel Do Tempo” finds Polo & Pan broadening their horizons even further into a new realm of production, instrumentation, and collaboration.

“Carrossel Do Tempo” is part of Polo & Pan’s upcoming EP which is set to release on October 6. Stream the track below and enjoy!

Polo & Pan – Carrossel Do Tempo (Ft. Abrāo)