Polo & Pan Release “Requiem” as a Haunting, Star-Studded Live Music Video

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Last June, Polo & Pan released their long-awaited sophomore LP, Cyclorama, saying, “This new musical voyage will take you on a journey through life, from birth to death and on to transcendence.” That journey came to be one of our favorite listening experiences of the year. Today, we get a live reimagining of the morose side of the album with a new music video for “Requiem.”

For those who may not know, a requiem is a Mass for peace for souls of the dead. The somber themes that swim through this tune certainly do inspire thoughts of the sullen, and this new video helps to bring those thoughts to life. Organist Baptiste Florian Marle Ouvrard, violinist Ayca Yaren, Leonard le Cloarec on transverse flute, and Marc Chouarain on crystal baschet, join Polo & Pan in the requested performance of a requiem for main character, “Monsieur,” played by Thibault de Montalembert from the hit French comedy-drama, Call My Agent! We follow Monsieur as he pauses with each member until we finally see the scene culminate in his own funeral. This wonderfully off-beat video was directed by Laurent Ripoll who had this to say:

“Requiem” was for me a wonderful opportunity to attract an audience that is not very sensitive to sacred music, too often perceived as austere, and to raise awareness about the musical emotion that is sacred, before the religious dimension of the music. Church organs are among the most beautiful instruments built by man and have always fascinated me. Monumental, they seem inaccessible, forbidden, disconnected from musical pleasure … The meeting between the contemporary universe of Polo & Pan and the absolute timelessness of the organ had for me only one goal: to raise to the same level, profane and sacred music, and ultimately, to vibrate.

Watch the live reimagining of Polo & Pan’s “Requiem” below. Enjoy!

Polo & Pan – Requiem