Porter Robinson Has Created A World Of His Own Once Again With Second Sky Festival

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It’s become apparent over the years that Porter Robinson lives for his art. Having focused primarily on quality over quantity throughout his near decade-long career, the now superstar has become a god-tier artist in the dance-music community. So when it was announced that he was set to orchestrate his own festival, we knew Second Sky would be a truly extraordinary experience.

While coveted destinations like EDC, Ultra & Coachella continue to dominate the world of live dance-music, Porter Robinson seems to have started down a different path entirely. As the festival circuit can sometimes feel saturated by the allure of massive lineups and multi-million-dollar stage setups, the coveted producer now turned festival organizer made the conscious decision to forego the theatrics, enlisting Goldenvoice in Second Sky’s concise presentation in order to celebrate his love and passion for good music.

Second Sky Crowd

Photo Credit: Langston Thomas (@webmusicboi)

Considering Porter’s well-known appreciation for escapism, it was astonishing to find the concept behind his 2014 Worlds album come to life with this IRL rendition of its fantastical sonic universe. Complete with wondrous pixelated art installations, simplistic yet immersive amenities, specialized Porter merch, a postcard station and a life-size Potaro mascot (that little blue guy below) – Porter checked off all the boxes to cater Second Sky not only to his own particular, boundary-pushing specifications, but also to the distinct taste of his fans.

Second Sky Banner

Photo via Second Sky Festival

Featuring an eclectic assortment of wildly talented performers, including an ID-packed Madeon DJ set, Shelter reunion, surprise appearance from Skrillex and an opening/closing performance from Porter himself, it proved difficult not to stay glued to the stage throughout the day. But while the steady stream of incredible music was most definitely the highlight of the fest, the sense of community and fanfare that remained constant throughout the weekend cultivated a tremendous atmosphere, making Second Sky an exceedingly unique event.

Skrillex Second Sky

Photo Credit: Langston Thomas (@webmusicboi)

With a packed crowd full of considerate attendees putting out a near endless supply of upbeat energy, paired with the ridiculously beautiful views of the San Francisco Skyline and a philanthropic mission to fight cancer (which ended up raising $154,000 for the Robinson Malawi Fund), Second Sky seems to have been unanimously accepted by attendees as one of best new-festival experiences in recent history.

As a long-time fan of Porter and his many endeavors, I can say without a doubt that Second Sky was one of, if not the best festival experience I’ve had in years. So I was overjoyed not only by the success of the fest (as both days sold out in mere minutes) but to find an announcement reading “see you next year” at the end of day two. 

Relive Second Sky via some of its full recorded sets (in order of the festival schedule) below and enjoy!

Virtual Self

Nina Las Vegas

Wednesday Campanella


Chrome Sparks

Kero Kero Bonito

G Jones (Saturday Only)

Skrillex (Sunday Special Guest Set)

Madeon (DJ Set)

Porter Robinson Worlds Live Performance