Porter Robinson’s Classic Track “Language” Receives An Epic New Flip From Ekali & Quix


Just yesterday, Porter Robinson returned from his hiatus to unleash a new song, but this came under a different alias VIRTUAL SELF for a new single “EON BREAK.” Quickly following this news, Ekali and Quix have decided to share their take on Porter’s classic track “Language.

We just recently had the pleasure of linking up with Ekali for an interview piece as a “Don’t Sleep On” feature on the site as he shows no signs of slowing down. With the news of a new Porter project, these two show us just how great Porter’s old stuff is by giving his classic song a facelift. It seems everything Ekali touches turns to gold, and this new remix is no different as he and Quix do the original justice while adding their own signature flair. The song is one that seems to pop off live, see a video of Ekali dropping it below. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Language (Ekali & Quix Tribute)