Porter Robinson Drops First Album In 7 Years, ‘Nurture’

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American EDM mainstay, Porter Robinson, has been at the forefront of some of the most trailblazing music out there. From his earliest days in dubstep and electro house, to his last album, Worlds, Porter is constantly evolving. Today, the North Carolina native completes a year long album rollout of his latest (and arguably greatest) album, Nurture.

This newest project comes a whopping seven years after his last studio album, and in that time Porter has cultivated and encapsulated his personal and emotional growth with a vividly organic sound. The world renowned producer has been honest about his struggles with depression and anxiety after his meteoric rise to stardom at the ripe age of 18, but through that darkness, Robinson has blossomed to his brightest form. From the piano laden “Wind tempos” leading into the uplifting synth drops of “Musician,” to the playful breakbeat of “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do” and heart swelling catharsis of “Trying To Feel Alive,” this album is one hour of unfettered soul-bearing music.

The musicianship and composition of Nurture is top tier, arguably some of the best we’ve ever heard from Porter, and that is definitely saying something. And while Robinson has always been EDM’s emotional emissary, I’ve never felt such renewal from listening to a project before. It’s clear that the Secret Sky festival founder has turned a new leaf in life and we couldn’t be happier for him. Stream Porter Robinson’s Jubilant new album, Nurture, below. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Nurture