Porter Robinson Unveils Set Times For Virtual Secret Sky Festival

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Porter Robinson‘s new virtual festival, Secret Sky, is launching tomorrow. It’s been one of the most hyped online festivals to date, and we can’t wait to see how immersive Porter and his team are able to make it. As promised, Secret Sky delivered an incredible lineup. It’s perfectly eclectic, reaching into the off-beat corners of dance music with A. G. Cook, as well as bringing in some heavy hitters like G Jones.

Porter just announced the full set times on social media. The festival is set to last over 12 hours, with Porter starting this off with a throwback 2010 electro-house set, channeling his DJ POTARO alias. The speedy Lil Texas will be concluding the marathon.

Peep the full set times below, and follow this link here for more info.


here are the set times for secret sky tomorrow: pic.twitter.com/XmBiUSh2iw

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) May 8, 2020