PREMIERE | 44 Ardent Debuts Chill Lofi House Tune “nomoreheat”

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For a song titled “nomoreheat,” Australian chill house producer 44 Ardent certainly is bringing it on this track.

“nomoreheat” is separated into two distinct parts. 44 Ardent sets the stage with warbling twinkles of piano, while a Latin-esque reggaetón drum rhythm gives way to a house beat on the drop. Although the song completely switches up sonically in the back half, 44 Ardent does a great job of seamlessly looping and blending the drum pattern to make everything feel cohesive. He then ushers in a warm synth that stylistically resembles LCD Soundsystem, who 44 Ardent cited as inspiration.

Here’s what 44 Ardent had to say about the track:

I guess you could say climate change was the ‘theme’ when I was writing the music for this EP. ‘nomoreheat’ was intended to be a reflection on changing weather patterns but I must admit it ended up sounding a bit happier than I had originally intended…Climate change and the surrounding extreme weather events make me feel a bit hopeless, but I just try to stay positive and do what I can to make a positive change. This song reflects on keeping a positive outlook when things are bleak.

If you’re digging this tune, it’s just the first of a four-track EP, Into The Deep, that 44 Ardent plans to release later this summer. Until then, you can check out “nomoreheat” below. Enjoy!

44 Ardent – nomoreheat