PREMIERE | altopalo Share Experimental New Single “am i am” Off Forthcoming Album


We’re excited to welcome onto the site altopalo via premiere of their new single “am i am” out on Samedi Records. This four piece experimental band from New York is breaking barriers between genres, creating music that is both edgy and alternative as well as beautiful and serene. “am I am” is a single off their forthcoming album farawayfromeveryoneyouknow, set to release April 24, and features some highly unique recording techniques.

“Mike threaded a playing card between his guitar strings and played some nice chords. Jesse found a USB-outfitted Nintendo 64 controller in the trash and programmed it to trigger some destroyed drum sounds.”

Without a doubt the group does not limit themselves when it comes to creativity and this makes us even that much more excited for their upcoming album.

You can listen to “am i am” exclusively now, below. Enjoy!

altopalo – am i am