PREMIERE | Andrew Rothschild Channels Mystical Energy With Downtempo Track “Lokta”

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Denver’s Andrew Rothschild has been one of our favorite recent finds. His use of unique instrumentation within focused yet peaceful production has sprung him to the forefront of Loci Records. Today, we have the up-and-comer back on site with the exclusive premiere of his brand new single, “Lokta.”

Hardpans, chimes, and an assortment of mystical fills give off an enchantingly dynamic energy right from the start. As various cultural instruments from across the globe are masterfully woven in and out among gripping vocal samples, one can’t help but melt into the spellbinding sound waves.

If Rothschild isn’t on your radar yet, let this refreshing new single be your invite. Something tells me the road ahead is a bright one for this newcomer. Stream, Andrew Rothschild’s newest track, “Lokta,” below. Enjoy!

Andrew Rothschild – Lokta