PREMIERE | Steand & Andy Kulter Unveil Deep Diving Melodic House Tune “By My Side”

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As avid fans of Nora En Pure, it only makes sense that we keep tabs on the moves of her label, Purified Records. We’re excited to partner with the lush line for our latest premiere, a hypnotic house track titled “By My Side,” brought to us by up and coming producers, Andy Kulter & Steand.

If you want deep, you got it. This producer pair spins an enticing web of sound with cascading synths, bone rattling bass, and entrancing vocals, conjuring a gentle but dynamic energy that will leave you surprisingly charged up and ready to take on the day.

I feel like I’m in the front row of a spaceship cruising completely uninhibited through the cosmos listening to this track. Purified Records landed a definite winner with this gold star duo. Stream Andy Kulter & Steand’s spirited new single, “By My Side,” below. Enjoy!

Andy Kulter & Steand – By My Side