PREMIERE | Ape Suit Drops New Deep Dub Single “Moving Target”

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When we first met Sydney-based producer, Ape Suit, we didn’t know much other than the fact that he had a serious affinity for the low-end. Today, the enigmatic bass maker is just as mysterious as he was four months ago, only this time we have the first single, “Moving Target,” off his upcoming EP, Stare Into The Void.

The limit of depth does not exist on this new offering. The bass is bottomless, the reverb is endless, and the synths are weightless. The only thing keeping us from drifting off into the abyss is purposeful percussion and the intermittent wink of >300hz. This boundless sonic expanse might seem daunting to some, but we find it perfectly meditative.

If you find yourself drifting off into the void while listening to this tune, there’s no need to fret, we’ll meet you there. Stream Ape Suit’s new single, “Moving Target,” below. Enjoy!

Ape Suit – Moving Target