PREMIERE | Au5 & Nytrix Link On Heavy Dubstep Heater “Always In A Nightmare”

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It’s a really good day to be a bass-head! Although we thought Au5 & Nytrix had already done enough sonic destruction with their 2018 collab “Only In A Dream“, today the two have reunited on a fresh followup, “Always In A Nightmare“.

“Working with Au5 is always an artistically expanding experience. I feel like we both really aim to make a story through soundscape and lyric. In a way, when we made these songs, it was almost like working on a large painting. It was also fascinating to make Part 2 of a song. I have never done that before.” – Nytrix

Believe us when we say this one’s a banger and a half. Without missing a beat, Au5 & Nytrix have flexed their multi-talented production prowess yet again to deliver us a wealth of elation juxtaposed with a bodyslam of bass.

“Upon hearing the acapella, I was immediately inspired to get to work. The song kind of writes itself when I hear a vocal acapella that I strongly resonate with. Collaborating with Nytrix is always a blast. We tend to gravitate towards a similar sonic aesthetic, and we both have a strong artistic vision. I’m looking forward to seeing what our next big project beholds!” – Au5

Starting off slow with some vibrant, cinematic soundscapes and light-hearted synth melodies, Nytrix’s passionate vocals slowly lead the track into a monstrosity of a drop – packed with seep, guttural growls, whirring, mechanical squelches, booming drums and absolutely explosive bass. Stream “Always In A Nightmare”, out now via Monstercat below and enjoy!

Au5 & Nytrix – Always In A Nightmare