[PREMIERE] Autoerotique – AUH : Heavy Future House

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Canadian house DJ/producer Autoerotique has released a string of dance floor hits over the last few months. His collab with Major Lazer titled "The Sound" had the two production units going hard in the paint, while a sexual music video for "Asphyxiation" shocked us. Today Autoerotique once again delivers another high energy club ready heater, "AUH" released via Dim Mak Records.

Standing for "ass up high," Autoerotique stays true to his name by tossing in an erotic twist to the brand new house heater. As the track hints at the monster it's about to become, the female vocals chime in as she chants "I like my ass up high and my face down low." Just after the line gets engrained in your brain, the song crashes into a dirty dance-floor hit complete with grinding synths and relentless house rhythms. This serves as the lead single off of his upcoming Kids Don't Care EP dropping later this month. Enjoy!

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