PREMIERE | Axel Thesleff Inspires Perseverance with Resilient New Dance Track, “Pouring Down”

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The power of nature is a wondrous thing. Not only does it have the capacity to literally shape our planet, but also shape our emotions. Our newest addition to the site, Axel Thesleff, captures this multi-dimensional power in his expansive new bop titled, “Pouring Down.”

Here’s how Thesleff describes the concept of the track, which we’re really connecting with today:

You ever get those days where nothing is going right, and on top of everything it starts raining and you don’t have an umbrella? … “Pouring Down” is a reminder to just keep calm and take it all in with acceptance and perseverance, because what’s the other option? Being angry and bitter won’t get you dry. Might as well enjoy the free shower.

The nearly subliminal sound of rain sows a somber air through which arpeggiating chimes float, their sharp buoyancy akin to melodic droplets. The stillness becomes determined energy as the steadily flourishing percussion drives this tune through the sonic depiction of triumphant self-discovery. One could lose themselves in this track for hours on end, but how about we start with the three minutes sixteen seconds.

Stream Axel Thesleff’s immersive new single, “Pouring Down,” below. Enjoy!

Axel Thesfell – Pouring Down