[PREMIERE] Bijou Releases New Heavy G-House Single “Guru”


Rising Phoenix producer Bijou describes himself as a "full time house gangster" and rightfully so as the talented act has been dishing out quality G-House tracks on a consistent basis. He considers his latest release, "Guru", to be "more meaningful than anything I've ever written." 

"While writing Guru, I tried to incorporate major influences of current culture that exist in my life, while holding true to the G House sound that I love. I hope that others can find the connection I found to the vibration of the track, as I did." — Bijou 

The track features punchy percussion, a gritty bassline and a thumping melody prime for the dance floor. If you're vibing to this, be sure to check out his "Hello" collaboration with Dr. Fresch where the two flipped an Ice Cube classic. Keep an eye out for Bijou to announce US tour dates. Listen to "Guru" below and enjoy! 

Bijou – Guru | Download