PREMIERE | Birocratic Makes TSIS Debut With Chill Sample-Based Electro Soul Single “Easy Money” + Video

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Today we’re excited to introduce New York-based artist Birocractic to the site with the premiere of his latest single “Easy Money.” The track is the first from Big Beat’s Denver Ignition series, which is a compilation set to drop on Dec. 21. This is the first domestic edition of the series, which is dedicated to capturing the unique sounds of cities all around the globe; previous locations include Paris, Amsterdam and Ibiza. This specific edition pays homage to the vibrant subgenres that call Denver home such as electro soul, downtempo and more.

"It's awesome to be a part of this compilation – there’s so much incredible music coming out of the Denver scene. And being supported by Big Beat is a huge opportunity for us. Props to all the producers out there, and people behind the scenes making it all happen.” – Brandon Rowan (Birocratic)

Needless to say, Birocratic captures the Denver vibe impeccably with this single. The rising chillhop producer draws from influences across the board such as jazz, melodic, hip-hop and more to create an infectiously smooth signature that he showcases well with “Easy Money.” The bouncy percussion, groovy guitar plucks, energetic piano chords and effortlessly cool synth melodies lend themselves to a laidback tone that we’re loving.  

“Easy Money” is accompanied by a video showcasing Denver, and it was shot and edited exclusively by UC Denver Students Trevor McKenna, Patrick Jorgenson, Brandon Keller, Benito Roland, Niko Sotolongo and assisted by their professor, Eric Hewett. This group of students created all of the visual components for the Denver series, with the other videos premiering with the album on Dec. 21. For this video in particular, the eye-catching shots coupled with the subtle but captivating visual effects really drive the chill vibe of “Easy Money” home. Check it out below and enjoy!

Birocratic – Easy Money