PREMIERE | Black Caviar Turns Riotron’s “Lights Go Out” Into A Passionate Dance Floor Heater

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Black Caviar has been top of my list for awhile now. This dynamic duo has been making waves in the house music world the past few years with their versatile catalog. Today, we’re pumped to have the Grammy nominated pair back on site for the release of their emboldened remix of Riotron’s “Lights Go Out.”

You know once BC gets their hands on a track, it’s going to get an immediate jolt of energy. This time however, they took this once gleaming electro pop tune and gave it a tastefully boosted dance infusion. Black Caviar commented on the track:

We loved working with Riotron on “Lights Go Out.” It’s a deep song with a lot of emotion, so we wanted to keep that same energy in the remix. It’s always a pleasure to remix a song that has such a strong hook to work around.

The New York duo is always exploring new sounds in their music while still staying true to their Black Caviar energy. We Can’t wait to hear this one in a future set. Stream Black Caviar’s impassioned remix of Riotron’s “Lights Go Out” below. Enjoy!

Riotron -Lights Go Out (Black Caviar Remix)